General Workstation Assessments Characteristics


Any novel Workstation Assessments or furniture or seating that is required is to be purchased from the Property and services Furniture Section, as outlined in the range and pay for Seating and Furniture Policy and Procedures. Occupational Health and Safety Division works closely with the Furniture Section to identify seating and furniture alternatives that meet OHS and ergonomic requirements in order to minimize risk of musculature damages associated with poorly designed seating and furniture.

  • Needs analysis

There may be some medical conditions or instances where standing-height or height adjustable workstations are required or encouraged. In these cases, the worker should consult with their supervisor and local Work Health and Safety Coordinator to determine the most suitable workstation for their needs.

  • Workstation dimensions

The Workstation Assessments should be large enough to conduct the essential work. Minimum recommended dimensions are 1200 mm (length) x 800 mm (depth) to make possible optimal viewing monitor distance. The depth of the desk should be enough to organize work-space without requiring extreme twisting, reaching or discomfited upper body postures while working. The height of seated workstations should be within the normal range of 680 mm-720 mm and permit for enough leg clearance. Desk width should be 25-33 mm.

  • Workstation shape

Workstation Assessments shapes vary considerably across UQ facilities with an increase in the number of corner, L-shaped and scalloped desks. The shape of some desks may limit the accessibility of forearm support when keyboarding. Relocating the keyboard, mouse and monitor to a straight part of the desk or use of a desk pastille or desk sleeve may develop forearm support. When selecting desks, think about the accessibility of forearm support and chair access. Refer to the Selection and Purchase of Seating and Furniture Policy and Property and Facilities Furniture segment for additional information regarding workstations.

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